KFAFO-CAL Spray "Liquid Gloves"

KFAFO-CAL Spray "Liquid Gloves"

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Intensive, versatile and multifunctional product to protect the skin of the hands and feet from the penetration of germs and bacteria. Protects against fungal diseases.
Retains its properties 24 hours after application.
When washing hands with soapy water, it does not lose its effect.
Recommended for professional work, as well as for personal use in order to protect when visiting common areas (swimming pool, sea, sauna, jacuzzi, bath, etc.) .
Available in volumes:
120 ml



Possesses fungicidal properties.

The unique formula of the preparation forms an invisible velvety film on the skin surface, while not preventing air penetration.

A tool that has no analogues in this form in any of the competing firms.

Application: Spray evenly on the palms of hands or feet, allow to be thoroughly absorbed.

Consumption: 120 ml. Designed from 50 to 70 procedures

Main Ingredients:

Irgasan - irgasan

Dimethyconole - dimethylconol

Butylene Glycol - butylene glycol

Undecalenic Acsid - undecalenic acid

Trimethycone - Paraldehyde