Who are we?


Get Nailed with Viva La Manicure - The Ultimate Trendsetters!
Viva La Manicure is not your average nail technician product company - we'rethe ultimate trendsetters, dictating the latest and greatest in nail fashion and style. We're proud to say that our products are unique because we develop all the ingredients ourselves in our very own lab, and we spare no expense when it comes to creating the perfect nail color or finish.

Our motto is simple: style, innovation, and a touch of sass (because who said getting your nails done had to be boring?).

Our goal is to make it easy for nail technicians to stay on top of their game and offer their clients the very best in cutting-edge nail design.

So go ahead and get nailed with Viva La Manicure - your clients will be raving about their killer nails for weeks to come!